Birdland Musician's Assistant

Index Search
Birdland is a Linux-based multimedia music viewer and library manager for music books in PDF form including fakebooks. It displays a page of music or a ChordPro song by searching a database of titles and other metadata. Answering the Let's hear how it goes query it also suggests audio files, midi files, and JJazzLab songs from your media library and YouTube links matching the search.

A secondary feature of Birdland is index management. Birdland contains tools to quickly create indexes using OCR, harmonize indexes from disparate sources, compare them, and integrate them into one database. Birdland ships with index data from 9 sources covering over 100 books and over 20,000 titles. Users can edit existing indexes and add their own.

Here you can search the Birdland Music Book Index to find books and page numbers by song title and by other search terms. You can use this to explore the Birdland Index prior to installation or for searching Fakebooks independent of Birdland.


Birdland is available at GitHub and packaged as a tar file for download from here.

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