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This search page is an adjunct to the Birdland Musician's Assistant application and documentation. Please see the documentation (linked in the left sidebar) for a detailed discussion of many of the concepts referenced here.

Search results are limited (presently 100) to manage the server load. Refine your search with more terms to reduce results the maximum.

Music Index

The Birdland Music Book Index contains (as of 6 June 2022) 82272 total titles, 25810 distinct titles, in 135 indexed music books, including fakebooks.

This is only an index. There are no music books (.pdf) nor links to music books here. Indexes are lists of facts and not subject to copyright. Many music books are protected by copyright.

The terms Sheet and Src in the results table have a formal meaning, which is described in the Birdland documentation.

The sheet numbers shown in search results are from raw indexes. Some are correct; some are PDF file page numbers, which generally do not match the sheet number. Future work will harmonize all raw indexed into one consolidated sheet-based index with an accompanying sheet-offset file to map sheet numbers to page numbers. When that is complete the raw indexes from multiple sources will no longer be included and the search results here should be correct.

Audio Index

The Birdland Audio Files Index is a collection of audio metadata - title, artist, album - extracted from several online sources. The collection has a strong focus on jazz especially piano, sax, and female singers, but also include folk, classic rock, broadway, and some classical. There is little to no contemporary popular music. This is only an example index. It is not included with Birdland and your Audio Files Index in Birdland will be different and based on your own audio library.

The purpose of this Audio Index is to aid in understanding the relationship between the Audio Files Index and the Music Files Index in the search on the Music Index tab as the search there sometimes yields unexpected results.

This is only an index. There are no audio files (.mp3, .flac, .wav, etc.) nor links to audio files here. Indexes are lists of facts and not subject to copyright. Audio files are protected by copyright.

Search Language

You can refine the search of the title, artist, and album fields by with following syntax in your search terms:

word1 word2Match any of word1 word2
"word1 word2"Match exactly word1 word2
+word1 +word2Must include word1 and word2
+word1 -word2Must include word1, must not include word2

Composer and Lyricist are searched for the terms anywhere in the fields.

The table below shows the canonical name of all music books included in the Birdland database along with the index Src(s) covering each book.

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